Managing the Classroom: Teaching Race and Gender « Prof. Janni Aragon’s Blog

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My heart skips a beat when I hear any type of hate. I’ve had my explosive and defensive moment which taught me my big lesson about not returning hate with hate and not returning disrespect with disrespect. In the heat of the moment it’s hard to remember to slow down, cool down, calm down, and thank the situation for being a teaching moment. I need to learn that sometimes saying less is saying more. I need to learn that asking the individual to explain themselves is the best solution. Allow the individual the freedom and liberty to explain why they feel and think the way they do and allow them to talk themselves into a corner. We can ask them if their feelings are fair, if they would like someone to treat them the same way, if there is value to kindness, respect, dignity, and compassion. We may find out that the individual is a sociopath and needs to be reported to the authorities.
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