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This is a story of two hidden identities. It focuses on the family history of Phil Wilkes Fixico (aka Philip Vincent Wilkes and Pompey Bruner Fixico), a contemporary Seminole maroon descendant of mixed race who lives in Los Angeles. Phil is one-eighth Seminole Indian, one-quarter Seminole freedman, one-eighth Creek freedman, one-quarter Cherokee-freedman, and one-quarter African-American-white. His family history records that his paternal grandfather was the offspring of a Seminole Indian woman and a Seminole freedman, but that this “intermarriage” was kept secret from the Dawes Commission and the boy was enrolled as a “fullblood” Indian. This one union and the subsequent history of the family tell us a great deal about relations between Seminoles and freedmen in the Indian Territory and Oklahoma and about status and identity issues among individuals of mixed race within American society. With tragic irony, Phil’s parents also hid the identity of his biological father, echoing the story of his grandfather. Sensing family secrets and lies, young Phil experienced an identity crisis. Eventually discovering his father’s identity and his family history, Phil turned his life around. He has embraced his mixed-race heritage, connected with the Seminole maroon communities in Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico, and become a creative and energetic tribal historian.
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2 thoughts on “Mixed Race Studies » Phil Wilkes Fixico

  1. getgln September 26, 2011 / 6:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story on Mixed Chicks Chat Mr. Fixico. You were one of the most respectful guests and your stories were a pleasure to listen to. I learned more about United States history and more about how our identity broadens as knowledge of our history grows.


  2. Phil Fixico September 26, 2011 / 5:33 pm

    Thank you, Everyone, For all your help, and your endurance of my relentless: “Yelping”, over the last 12 years. At last, the :”Hidden and Forbidden”
    story of the ; Seminole Maroons, is finally, becoming main stream. My efforts were,
    never solely about ,my people. The passion that drove me, was the fact that ,what
    happened to them was just the : “Tip of the Iceberg” ,in regards, to the valiant:
    Creative Resistance, that was demonstrated at all levels, during Slavery’s existence in the Western Hemisphere. I always knew that because, their story was
    documented in the Congressional Records and the Military communications of
    those who were fighting the : “Florida Negro and Indian Wars” , that the Truth was
    destined to come out. Many of us, will never rest until those who were enslaved and decimated, not only have their stories told but, that they ,become enshrined
    into the hallowed halls of Americana. The world must learn that they were:
    American Patriots who fought the good fight :”to be free and for Homeland Security”. We must never fail to recognize those of the :Dominant Culture of,
    that era ,who used their lives to help overcome these times. We are all Blessed
    to now live in a Free Country that voted , a Black Man “IN” as it’s President.”WE
    “Through Warm Tears Of Gratitude” (Pompey) Phil Wilkes Fixico, Seminole
    Maroon Descendant ,Creek and Cherokee Freedmen descendant, Member
    of the L.A. Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th Cavalry, Seminole Negro
    Indian Scouts Assoc. of Brackettville, Texas and Heniha/Spokesman for the : John Horse Band of the Texas Seminoles.


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