U.S. Census: Think Twice, Check Once

Via Scoop.itMixed American Life

“Demonized in the early twentieth century as sexually polluting and culturally degenerate, mixed race people are now all the rage. The New York Times hails them as Generation E.A.: Ethnically Ambiguous and celebrates them as ambassadors to the post-race new world order. With Obama, our self-described “mutt” President, as its poster-child, the “the Mulatto Millennium” is finally upon us…   The dramatic increase in public visibility and popularity in the last decade is also due to its appeal as a post-civil rights answer to the “race problem.”   The widely-circulated manifesto, “Bill of Rights for Mixed Race People,” for instance, insists on the refusal to be “boxed” in, on the Census or anywhere else: I can check black today, more than one tomorrow, refuse to check anything the day after.   According to some studies, well over 80% of people of African descent in North America are mixed and Latinos also, of course, have mestizo and diasporic mixes.”
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