Meron « 1ne Drop

“People say ‘Oh, you’re Ethiopian?! Oh my gosh! You’re one of the most gorgeous people!’ Then I have to have a conversation about ‘Well why do you think we’re the most gorgeous out of ‘all the other Africans’? Why do you say that? What is it in particular?’ And then they start to stutter because what they would consider to be beautiful a lot of times isn’t what other people might identify as African in terms of skin tone and hair texture and so on. Some of these characteristics that people would identify with Ethiopians we have to clarify is only certain tribes in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a huge country with many different ethnic groups so there are people who like they’re from the Sudan, others look like they’re from Somalia, and some look like the Massai. Southern Ethiopia does not look like the people from Northern Ethiopia. So what Ethiopia are you talking about? And what Ethiopia gets put out there as the image representing all of Ethiopia? If I were to pull out somebody that doesn’t represent that image, would you still refer to us as the most gorgeous women around? I hope so.”Meron Wondwosen
“Ethiopian / African / Black”

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