Celebrating the Black Beauty On White Women

Via Scoop.itMixed American Life

“So much of what we love is conditioned by popular culture, history, fads, and social mores.   Now our “beauty” ideals are malnourished… six-feet-tall… fashion models… with tiny waists and scientifically enhanced butts n’ boobs.   Angelina Jolie’s lips…are gorgeous on her, but “ordinary” on every other black girl in America…   Everyone likes black stuff when it’s not on a black person. Ask Elvis. Ask Led Zepplin. Ask the “Justins” – Timberlake and Bieber. Our music, asses, lips, hair, dance moves are all crass vulgarities until some non-white person “cleans them up” and “makes them accessible” by doing the exact same thing – but being white while doing it.   Case in point: When the 2012 Grammy nominations were released Adele’s ground-breaking album wasn’t listed among the “R&B” albums. But if Adele isn’t singing R&B, then what on Earth is she singing? “Rolling In the Deep” is pop music? Does Adele know she’s singing pop music?   (Bruno Mars is also listed under “Pop” in this year’s Grammy nominations. Apparently if more than “just” black people buy your music you’re “Pop.” Is Cee-Lo Green “Pop?” Nope. He was only nominated in the R&B categories.)”
Via www.clutchmagonline.com


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