Kaqchikel (a Mayan language) with English subtitles

Via Scoop.itMixed American Life

Facinating to listen to Indigenous Native American languages – especially because some have been wiped out already.

Also interesting to hear the “l” (edit from “tl” that I though I heard) sounds in so many words. We have a sister and niece by the name of Xochitl and even my Mexican native wife had a hard time pronouncing Xochitl at first lol.

Via www.youtube.com


2 thoughts on “Kaqchikel (a Mayan language) with English subtitles

  1. erbell September 17, 2012 / 5:02 pm

    Wuqu’ Kawoq is a wonderful organization, to be sure. Just an as FYI… Kaqchikel actually doesn’t have the /tl/ sound. That comes from nahuatl which is only found in Mexico and isn’t considered a Mayan language but rather Uto-Aztecan. Kaqchikel does have a /l/ sound that is alveolar, much like /tl/, so you might have been hearing that. 🙂


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