Introducing Halfbreed Clothing Company

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On todays episode of Mixed Race Radio we will meet RudyTee CEO/Founder of Halfbreed Clothing Company A Lifestyle Brand for Multi-ethnic people who are learning loving and living with many differenct races.

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One thought on “Introducing Halfbreed Clothing Company

  1. getgln April 19, 2012 / 7:53 pm

    I listened to the talk last night. I can sympathize with both sides. The positive part about the t-shirts is that they are “In your face” like Rudy T. said. That gives an opening for dialog so people can question the concept of ‘race’. The negative part is that the message is a ‘racial’ slur and, like Steven Riley said, reinforces belief in breeds (‘races’). I think Rudy T. enjoys the controversy, the dialog, and the experimenting with branding himself – since he is in the marketing business. It’s all very interesting the more I think about it.

    PS – His about page still sounds like a supremacy site. That’s the problem with pride and branding. People get carried away saying how great their ‘product’ is to the point of bending the truth.


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