Johnny Yong Bosch (Korean/German-Irish)…

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Johnny Yong Bosch (Korean/German-Irish) [American]


Known as: Actor, voice actor, martial artist & musician (Voice acted in many anime and video games; Lead singer of the band “Eyeshine”)


TV: Adam Park in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”


Voice Acting: Ichigo Kurosaki in “Bleach”, Vash the Stampede in “Trigun”, Nero in “Devil May Cry 4”, Renton Thurston in “Eureka Seven”, Itsuki Koizumi in “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, Takaki Tono in “5 Centimeters Per Second”, Shotaro Kaneda in “Akira: The Special Edition”, Genma Shiranui in “Naruto”
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