I am Flippish – Book Review

I am Flippish is a new children’s book about Sean (age 7) who learns about his heritage after children in his class ask why his dad looks different. One adopted child thinks that Sean might be adopted. Another classmate explains that the man cannot be Sean’s dad because they look different.

The assigned homework that day was to find out where their ancestors are from. I love this assignment because it opens the door for each child to learn that their family heritage has all migrated from somewhere – either recently or generations ago.

Sean’s mom explains that he is made from the best parts of his Filipino Mom and Irish Dad. I also love that no racial terms are used in this book. Instead the author, Leslie V. Ryan, uses terms of national origin. In the U.S. we hear so many generic labels that pay no respect to the reality and diversity of our ethnic and cultural heritage. Ms Ryan’s book would have fallen flat if mom explained to her son that he was half Asian and half European, or worse, half Brown and half White, or even worse half Mongolian and half Caucasian.

By the end of the book all the children are having fun combining words of their ethnic identity to describe their own personal heritage. I am Flippish is available on Amazon in paper or Kindle versions and via other vendors. Connect with the author on Facebook, Twitter or her website.


Glenn is a European-American married to a Mexican-American. They have two children. Glenn is interested in progressive immigration reform, and desegregation within schools and communities. He is a life long learner with interests in sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and politics.

Connect to Glenn at CommunityVillage.us

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