Founder of Mixed American Life – Glenn Robinson – Interviewed on Mixed Race Radio

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Wednesday, 2012-10-24, 16:00Z (12:00 EDT, 09:00 PDT, 17:00 BST)


Celebration and Promotion of Pluralism


We curate and share photos, articles and videos on the topics of mixed culture, mixed heritage and mixed identity; whether mixed by proximity, relationships, or adoption.

This blends with our mission of reducing xenophobia and racism which we blog about at Community Village where we also monitor and expose the oppression and hate that is opposing the multicultural and pluralist movements. 

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3 thoughts on “Founder of Mixed American Life – Glenn Robinson – Interviewed on Mixed Race Radio

  1. October 25, 2012 / 9:41 am

    Your website is such an important and brilliant contribution to the reality of everyone’s life. But truly, a place where anyone of mixed race (but aren’t we all the further and further one goes back? at least I believe we are at the very least all “mixed-culture”) or interested in the development of what I call “personal culture”.” I appreciate your efforts.


    • Glenn Robinson October 29, 2012 / 6:27 am

      Hi Carl Anthony, yes sir I believe that people who are interconnected via location or technology are defacto multicultural; and I believe that Africans created all people so we all have African heritage; and so many believe that race is not real so I would say we are each within a certain mixed cline / haplogroup / haplotype.


      • October 29, 2012 / 5:25 pm

        Totally concur. Sometimes when I think of racism, I see beneath it the issues of socio-economics and cultural practices and customs which are not necessarily always tied to a person’s bloodline or skin tone. I have often wondered how humans would behave if suddenly the entire world’s population was blinded – I am sure some humans would soon figure out some new, arbitrary way to declare themselves superior. I always found it interesting that dogs have never been found to differentiate from fellow dogs of different breeds and that the majority of animals, if so raised, often find no barrier to companionship based on species. I’m not convinced humans, with our particular cognitive way of organizing and processing information….and “differentiating”….based on our brain structures, are ultimately superior to non-human animals – different yes, but not necessarily living more wisely.


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