New York & New Jersey After Superstorm Sandy

Super storm Sandy hit the northeastern United States on October 29, 2012. The storm did considerable damage to the New York – New Jersey area with millions of people affected by power outages, flooding and severe home damage. For the second time, in as many weeks, President Obama visited Staten Island today. The damage is being totaled right now at approximately $50 billion in damage and there are still many people without power.

While we watch and listen to fighter strikes in Israel and the Gaza Strip, consider the Fiscal Cliff and debate on whether or not former CIA Director, David Petraeus is guilty of more than philandering, our brothers and sisters in the New York – New Jersey area are trying to rebuild their lives. At the same time, Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas looms closely thereafter. The people in New York and New Jersey are probably not even thinking about any of this.

My plea to the Mixed American Life and Community Village crew is this – while many of us have not endured much more than too much election news this year, the men, women and children of New York and New Jersey need our help. We cannot sit in the comfort of our homes enjoying Thanksgiving while these people rummage through what is left of their lives in the aftermath of Sandy. They need our help.

I am asking that if you have not given, to please consider giving to the Red Cross, AmeriCares, Catholic Charities USA, or Direct Relief International. These (and some others) are also listed on CNN’s website. As a survivor of Hurricane Ivan in 2004, I can tell you that it takes much to get back to “normal” and any help given will be appreciated. Show your love to our brothers and sisters in the New York – New Jersey area by giving to your charity of choice. I know that they will appreciate your efforts!!

elle t.

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