Teach For America, Jake Whitman on Mixed Race Radio


As we come to the end of the first full week in December, we take a look at another Underground hero – Jake Whitman. As an author, leader and educator, he brings excellence in the realm of leadership and hope in the areas of racism and poverty. As another of the best and brightest advocates for the human condition, Jake Whitman show us what “can be”. Join Tiffany Jones of Mixed Race Radio and her interview of Jake Whitman.

elle T.


Tiffany Rae Reid of Mixed Race Radio

Jake Whitman is an educator, nonprofit leader, and the author of Destination: Teach For America; Building Leadership, Mastering the Application, Acing the Interviews.

The goal of Destination: Teach For America is to level the information playing field between Teach For America applicants. Some students know vastly more about the admissions process than others, giving them an unfair advantage when completing their applications and preparing for interviews. This book changes that, providing everyone with the same information and thus the same chance at joining the organization. The book also educates the reader on the goals of Teach For America, encourages them to have frank and honest conversations about race and poverty in our country, and helps them decide if Teach For America is a good career fit.

Jake was a Teach For America corps member in North Philadelphia, where he taught high school special education math. He helped dozens of special education and general education students realize their full potential in the classroom. After his time in Teach For America, Jake founded a nonprofit organization, STARS – Sports Teaching and Reaching Students. STARS supports athletics in low-income schools by facilitating academic, college-readiness, and teambuilding workshops, and then funding part of the team’s uniform and equipment budget. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the organization.

For the past two years, Jake has run the Institute for the Philadelphia chapter of the New Leaders Council, a national nonprofit that trains and promotes the progressive political and social entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Jake graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Business Economics. He also holds a M.Ed. in Special Education from Chestnut Hill College and is dual-certified to teach secondary math and special education.

Mixed Race Radio With Host Tiffany Rae Reid – and guest Jake Whitman


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