Bicultural Mama: Chinese Eating Customs — How to Not Offend a Chinese Host

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“Teapot EtiquettePointing the mouth of a teapot directly at someone is as in impolite gesture, similar to pointing a finger. When drinking tea, always offer to serve others first before pouring into one’s own cup. At a restaurant, when the teapot is empty, simply place the lid partially ajar to indicate it needs a refill (some people turn the lid upside down on the pot). Do not completely remove the lid and place it on the table as this is seen as letting good luck escape.” – MORE –

Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

My dad was guilty of trying to take his order all for himself. I said ‘Dad! Ya gotta put it in the middle and share it with everyone!”

I knew that the chopsticks shouldn’t be stuck straight up into the rice, but I didn’t know the teapot etiquette – so I hilighted it above 🙂

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