Eric Garcetti invokes Latino-Jewish ancestry in mayor’s race

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“Garcetti has Mexican roots through his father, former Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti. Eric’s grandfather, Salvador Garcetti, was born in Mexico and grew up in Boyle Heights. Salvador was brought to the United States as a baby after his father, Massimo Garcetti, a judge who had emigrated from Italy, was hanged during the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910, Garcetti says. Eric’s grandmother, Juanita Iberri, one of 19 children in a family that migrated from Sonora, Mexico, was born in Arizona.

On his mother’s side, Garcetti is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Russia, Poland and the Ukraine. They too settled in Boyle Heights in the early 20th century. Garcetti’s maternal grandfather, Harry Roth, turned the family’s Los Angeles clothing business, Louis Roth & Co., into a major national brand of high-end suits for men.”

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Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

Thank you to Thomas Lopez, LOMA Founder and Director, for letting me know about this article. 

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One thought on “Eric Garcetti invokes Latino-Jewish ancestry in mayor’s race

  1. "Shmu the Jew" June 25, 2014 / 2:26 am

    If 20 years ago you would have me i would live in a city with a mayor who identifies as Jewish and Latino, i would have been unable to believe it. As one of the few people in the area that identified and Jewish and Latino growing up, its interesting to see how much the Latino-Jewish mixed kids, and even the converts and Conversos returning to Judaism, are helping make LA the official home of “the New Jews.” modern Jews with ethnic flare. A place where Spanish synagogue services and kosher Mexican restaurants are not considered odd at all.

    there is so much we can learn through sharing our cultural stories. to see how similar we are. I think the experience of the Mexican-American, is very similar to the issues one deal with as a Jew; the conflict of what am i first, a Jew, a Latino, and American? i am inspired by people like the Mayor, who embrace all the parts of their heritage. who embrace real multiculturalism, literally and in their own person.

    You can follow some of the events surrounding Jewish Boyle Heights at my blog here:


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