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Galileo Simmons
Galileo Simmons with book she compiled from writings and artwork of her late mother, Freeda Simmons-McMillan, R.N.
(photo by Susan Urmy)

Black & White in a Multi-Colored America
Art, life experience and stories of the author compiled by her daughter, Galileo Simmons.
Written by: Freeda J. Simmons-McMillan
Published by: WestBow Press A Division of Thomas Nelson
Date published: 10/08/2012
ISBN: 9781449769956
Available in Ebook Paperback Hardcover

Galileo Simmons lost her mother on March 15, 2010. Since her passing, Galileo has worked diligently to finish a dream: her mother’s dream.

“Growing up multi-racial in a multi-cultural background was difficult, but it inspired me to publish my mothers writing and art into the book she once talked about creating.” Since then, Galileo has published three books, all part of the Black & White in a Multi-Colored America series. Each volume is different, but offers true and real life experience/stories.

Black & White in a Multi-Colored America
Cover photo from:
Black & White in a Multi-Colored America

Galileo joins us today to talk about her experiences of racism and prejudice on numerous occasions, both within and outside of her racial heritage. “I find that being multi-cultured is equated today with the fence theory (you’re either on one side or the other and if you represent both then it is considered hypocritical). Most want you to “simply” pick a side, but I refuse to do this. I’m currently seeking to change these views and break racial barriers that do exist in our world today.”

Facebook page for the book.
Galileo Simmons on Huff Post Books
Vanderbilt University reviews the book

Available through:
WestBow Press
Barnes & Noble

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Tiffany Rae
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