How to be a white ally: A beginner’s guide by a super awesome ally.

Favorite part: “when someone tries to call you racist or a settler or whatever if you have the button you can just point to it and say I am an ally and then they can’t say anything.”

White People HQ

Being an ally is awesome. There are so many things that are great about being an ally like you get to go to rallies and yell at people and make signs. It’s awesome. I think the best part is you don’t have to worry about people calling you names like “racist”, or “uneducated” because those names can really hurt.

First of all I am not racist or homophobic or anything like that because my cousin is gay, and my mailman is black and I had teacher who was darkish skinned in high school I think she was half-Indian half-Mexican. Some of you may not have this privilege (I’ll tell you more about privilege later) so you are going to half to work to be an ally.

The first thing to be an ally is to get the look right. One of the easies things to get the ally look right…

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