Race + Comics: When is Diversity ‘Contrived’? | Racialicious – the intersection of race and pop culture

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• 2 years ago

Thanks, Arturo, for writing this.

One of the watershed moments for me during my conversation with Tom Brevoort was when he asserted that adding/creating so-called minority superheroes was, on its face, indicative of an agenda. And because he deemed it an agenda, it was an inherently wrongheaded practice.

When I responded that any media creation that is 99% white heterosexual male, PARTICULARLY in 2011, is, also, indicative of an agenda, and why was one agenda okay, but not another, he didn’t respond.

I can only assume that from his lens, “white heterosexual male” is normal, default; contrivances and agendas only exist when the undesirables believe they deserve equal representation.

White heterosexual male privilege is a helluva drug.

Community Village‘s insight:

The topic of race in super heros and cartoons in our pluralistic United States is good. How many hours of super heros and cartoons do children watch. If we want to reduce xenophobia and hate – we need to be familiar and comfortable with more than white characters in the media.

The U.S. is 70% white but U.S. media seems to be 90% white

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