Mixed-race faces appeal more: study | Otago Daily Times Online News

People of mixed-race are more attractive, unless those judging are thinking about what racial group the person belongs to, University of Otago research shows.

“People preferred blended faces because they more closely fitted a person’s general idea of what a face should look like based on the ”population of faces” they had been exposed to.

”When you think of multiracial individuals as examples of humans they are more appealing because they better capture your overall experience of life.”

But when people were thinking of the blended faces as examples of racial groups their ambiguity ”pulls down their appeal” because they were difficult to categorise.”
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2 thoughts on “Mixed-race faces appeal more: study | Otago Daily Times Online News

  1. Lisa January 14, 2014 / 1:40 am

    But on online dating sites, people don’t seem to prefer mixed people much. They prefer non-mixed people more often because they are easier to tell and trust.


  2. With Love Glenn January 13, 2014 / 6:23 pm

    I suppose the responses may vary based on where the study took place.

    It seems scientists are either trying to prove which race is best looking, or that mixed people are best looking.

    Those sound like dangerous studies to develop. It raises a red flag for me, because it sounds like racism.

    Also, notice the study didn’t take a super model from each race and morph them together.
    This should go without saying, every race has beautiful people.


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