Mixed Race Radio – “The R Word”~ A Conversation Starter for White Students Who Want to be Teachers

Mixed race radio tiffany rae “On TODAY’S episode of Mixed Race Radio, we will meet Educator and Author of The R Word, Marianne Modica, Assistant Professor of Education at Valley Forge Christian College in Phoenixville, PA. Marianne recently received her PhD in Childhood Studies from Rutgers University, Camden, New Jersey and for the last 16 years, Dr. Modica has been a teacher educator at a small, mostly white college. “I have noticed that my white students, many of whom are preparing to enter the teaching profession in racially diverse settings, have thought little about the impact of race on their lives and the lives of people around them. This inspired me to write The R Word, a story that I hoped would create awareness in white youth about the racial inequity that continues in our contemporary society. I believe my mission is to help my students understand that race is a salient issue, that it impacts all of our lives every day, and that, as future teachers, they must explore their own racial identity as whites if they are to create a classroom environment that helps youth in their classes to develop healthy racial identities.”

Join us as we discuss Marianne’s young adult novel, The R Word, which tells the story of a very sheltered white teenager named Rachel who has never thought about race or recognized what her whiteness affords her every day.  Rachel is representative of many white youth found in suburban settings, including Dr. Modica’s own children and the college students she’s been teaching for the last 16 years.  When the character Rachel befriends students of color, she begins to see the world through their eyes, and realizes how her whiteness has protected her from profiling and afforded her the luxury of an affluent school district all of her life.”

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