6 Tips for Interracial Couples Who Get Stares and Weird Comments

“There’s something to be said for switching the attention from “Oh, my God, I’m being scrutinized and victimized” to “Watch this lady trip all over herself to try to figure out what’s happening with our family.”

Community Village‘s insight:
There is one person at my daughter’s school who has asked me three times on three different occasions how I met my wife.
I’m not sure if she forgot the answer after the first two times or if she wanted more detail. The third time she asked I was finally annoyed and was about to say “Why do you want to know, and what difference does it make?” After the third time I answered I was less detailed. “At work.”, I said.
If people are not real friends or family, I’m not about to spend my time to satisfy their curiosity. Although, I could carry around a business card with a link to my blog article about it I suppose lol.

See on www.theroot.com

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