Mixed Race Radio- What Do You Do When “Neither/Both” is Your Only Choice? With Lola Osunkoya

Mixed race radio tiffany rae“On today’s episode of Mixed Race Radio, we will meet Lola Osunkoya, author of the blog, Neither/Both and of Neither/Both LLC, a private practice focused on counseling and community building in the Mixed-Race community. Join me today as Lola shares details and insights from her trip to Nigeria in 2006 when she went to meet her father and began to explore Identity even deeper.

“I am Mixed-Race. The experience of being “neither/both” – living among and between two races/cultures – expands beyond being Mixed. I find the experience is similar to Trans-Racial adoptees and the children of immigrants growing up first generation in America. And frankly, the experience can be similar among anyone Of Color who regularly crosses culture. Our experience begins with our families of origin, so I also include parents of the community and people in interracial relationships.”

By day, Lola is a mental health clinician working toward licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).  She was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and her interest in Mixed Race identity development was born out of her personal experience as the daughter of a White American mother and Nigerian father.  At all other times, Lola explores historical components affecting individuals who self-identify as Black/White Biracials.

We will discuss some common experiences in Mixed Race identity and their effects on mental health, Mixed-Race identity development theoretical models, Adler’s Social Interest and Mixed Race community, AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, Lola will discuss her “Mixed in Mpls” project and Stereotype vulnerability.”

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