The future of American racism


Note: The following is mostly based on chapter 14 of “Race in North America” (2012) by Audrey and Brian D. Smedley.

Racism in the US is always changing but changes slowly.
 That means the near future will be pretty much the same, but the longer term it will bring change.


American racism will have to somehow adjust to:

  1. Japan as a country fully the equal of the US and Britain.
  2. Asian Americans scoring higher on IQ tests.
  3. The Black middle-class and Blacks in important positions.
  4. Immigration from Asia and Latin America pouring into the US, bringing millions of people who do not fit into the old black-and-white boxes.
  5. Multiracial identities, particularly those who are half White and half Asian or Latino. It not only challenges the idea that race determines culture and behaviour, but also makes one’s “race” harder to determine and therefore less useful.
  6. Barack Obama, whose very person goes against everything most Americans think they know about race. He is multiracial. He looks Black but culturally is like Dorothy of “The Wizard of Oz”: a White person from Kansas. American racism is incapable of making sense of him – thus all the Birther and Secret Muslim stuff.
  7. The Human Genome Project – which left only 0.1% of the genome for scientific racism.


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One thought on “The future of American racism

  1. Tanya July 23, 2014 / 5:17 am

    Perhaps it will be harder to be racist in the future! Racists will just be confused!


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