White Hispanics


White Hispanics (1977) are people in the US with roots in Latin America who consider themselves White by race. Among US Hispanics (aka Latinos), about half do.

Latin America has long had White people. Like in Anglo America, they came from Europe, took Native land, brought in Black slaves and built their societies on racism. But the term “White Hispanic” was rare in English before 1977. It was then that the US government came out
with Statistical Policy Directive #15. It said in part:
“Hispanic. A person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.”

From that came the terms “White Hispanics” and “non-Hispanic Whites”.

In 2012
 the term “White Hispanic” became more widely known when the New York Times called George Zimmerman a “white Hispanic”. It had rarely used that term before.

Hispanics who identified as White on the US Census in 2010:

  • 85% Cuban Americans
  • 53% Puerto Rican Americans
  • 53% Mexican Americans
  • 40% Salvadoran Americans
  • 39% Guatemalan Americans
  • 30% Dominican Americans

It comes to 53% overall.


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Source: abagond.wordpress.com

There are White Hispanics like those with heritage from the Iberian peninsula and there are also people who are of half European heritage and half Latin American heritage – and they can select both ‘White’ and ‘Hispanic’ on the census and school applications but people may not visually identify them as White Hispanics because they can actually be ‘of color’ instead of the pink, or beige that the term White is associated with.


These categories are required by the 1964 Civil Rights act to track racial discrimination.


The next Civil Rights monitoring that needs to be increased are for both the LGBTQ communities and religious communities. And, oddly enough, it’s some of the religious communities who persecute the LGBTQ communities.


If racial labels are required to help reduce racism and discrimination. Shouldn’t LGBTQ/Cis labels be required to reduce homophobia, and transphobia?


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