Why Race Remains Relevant


“I’ve  done a lot of reading on race and its progeny, on the effects of our hatreds, on the traditions of prejudice.  As a child, it began as an interest, a hobby.  I was naturally drawn to things that were race- related.  Not dolls, miniature kitchen sets or even sports but books, movies, pictures that told the story of race- relations.”


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Source: racelessgospel.com


Regarding #6: We have the words haplogroup, haplotype, and cline – but they are very similar to ‘race’.

The most important relevance for race is the requirement by the 1964 civil rights act to track race in order to (hopefully) prevent discrimination.

Racial statistics have been used by civil rights lawyers to prove that Black and Latino students are punished with suspension disproportionally more than White and Asian students for the same infractions.


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