Who does race say that I am?


Race has a lot to say about you and me, “us” and “them.”  This social construct tells us who we are and will be, where to go and where we are not welcome, whether we are in or out, center or margin.  Race tells us where we belong and when.  A director of our society, it gives us orders and in so doing, orders us, categorizes us, boxes us up and stacks us up on top of each other.
But, I think it’s time to interrupt, to get a word in, to change the conversation and the direction of our relationships.  Frankly, why does race have all the say about my life and the ways in which I live and perceive it?  Who says that I can’t butt in, that my life does not have a point to make a part from those stereotypical.
I used to like the social construct of race; that is, before I heard what it had to say about me.  I had listened but never fully considered its limitations.  And upon learning them, race gave me no other alternative.  I knew that our relationship would be different from many who preceded me because I could not agree with the terms.


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Source: racelessgospel.com

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