Four mixed-races within each race [PHOTOS]

Nefertiti in 'Grey Area (Brown version)' by Fred Wilson
Nefertiti in ‘Grey Area (Brown version)’ by Fred Wilson

This article is based on the concept that the majority of the world’s population is of mixed heritage due to both (im)migration over millennia and now increased (im)migration due to modern transportation, especially airplanes and ships that easily cross over mountains and oceans.

Mixed heritage within the four races:

Mixed-race Amerindian heritage

 Native Amerindian  Project 562
 Black-Brown  IndiVisible

Mixed-race African heritage

 Black-Brown  humanæ1neDropATLAS OF BEAUTY
 Red-bone  humanæ 1neDrop
 High-yella  humanæ 1neDrop
 Light skin  humanæ 1neDrop

Mixed-race Asian heritage

 East Asian  humanæ
 South Asian  humanæ
 Pacific-Islander  Hawaiian
 Middle Eastern  ATLAS OF BEAUTY

Mixed-race European heritage

 Orange / Yellow  humanæ / ATLAS OF BEAUTY
 Pink  humanæ humanæ
 Red  humanæ
 White-Peach  humanæ

Special Mention



Bonus Video about the original Bust of Queen Nefertiti by Thutmose

Thutmose, Bust of Nefertiti: Thutmose, Model Bust of Queen Nefertiti, c. 1340 BCE, limestone and plaster, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, Amarna Period (Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection/Neues Museum, Berlin)

Source: Khan Academy


Extremely isolated groups will not be considered of mixed heritage for the purpose of this article. These groups do not have modern transportation (airports, ships, cars, motorcycles, or bicycles) and do not intermix much with neighboring communities.

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