Black People Created White People

By Abagond

Mitochondrial Helena (c. 18,000 BC) lived in south-western France at the height of the Ice Age. As the ice started melting about 15,000 years ago, her descendants moved north into empty land. They now account for 47% of all Europeans.
In terms of mitochondrial DNA, she is the common ancestor of haplogroup H, one of the main branches of Mitochondrial Eve’s family tree. Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes gave her the name Helena (H for Helena) in his book “The Seven Daughters of Eve” (2001).

Among her descendants
 are Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Nicholas Copernicus, Saint Luke, Susan Sarandon and maybe half the White people in the world – along with a good number of North Africans and South West Asians as well.

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3 thoughts on “Black People Created White People

  1. Thad Radzilowski March 20, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    This statement has got it partially wrong.” Black people” at least in the U.S. quite often create “White People” but “White People” only exist as long as Black people are around, given that there is no such thing as “white Culture” or “White History”. In turn, The only “black people” who continue to exist when there are no “white people” around are those for whom “Black” identifies a shared culture and historical experience not just a racial designation.



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