English Americans

The first four waves from England:

  • 1629 to 1640: From East Anglia to New England. Heavily Puritan.
  • 1640 to 1675: From southern England to what will become the southern US.
  • 1675 to 1725: From the North Midlands to Pennsylvania. Heavily Quaker.
  • 1717 to 1775: From Northumbria (and Scotland and northern Ireland) to Appalachia.

These four English subcultures spread across North America, wiping out Native Americans. They will mix and create three new subcultures:

  • Greater New York, part Dutch, part Jewish.
  • The Great Basin, centred on Utah. Heavily Mormon.
  • Southern California, part Mexican, part Jewish. Spreads across the south-west.

Nearly all non-English Whites will assimilate into one of these seven Anglo-Protestant subcultures to become “American”, meaning White American.”


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Source: abagond.wordpress.com

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