Beauty Judged

Queen Nefertiti
Queen Nefertiti


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and yet there are common qualities that consistently make it to magazine covers, Hollywood screens, and win beauty pageants.


There are famous experiments of asking children which doll is ugly and which is beautiful – even though both dolls are equal in everything but color.

I have also witnessed, first hand, adults, teens and children passing judgement on beauty based solely on color or race. I know this because when I ask them to explain what is ugly about the person, they are at a loss for words.


A word which helps to avoid bias, infatuation and fetish.

Here are human features that most people go crazy for.

Yuna - November Culture
Yuna modeling her dress from November Culture


  • Symmetrical
  • Width: Not under-nourished / not over-nourished
  • Stature: Not too tall and lanky / not too short. Some women wear flats to add cuteness, others wear high heels to add sexy. Women usually prefer taller mates, they say for protection, but may also be for the vanity of how they appear together.
  • Shape: Some like narrow (slender) people. Others like wider (stocky) people. Medium (athletic) build seems to have the most universal appeal.


  • Symmetrical
  • Narrow face people like round face people. 
  • Round face people like narrow face people.
  • Heart shape face has universal appeal.
  • Nose: people like a cute nose. People get very picky about a nose. They often like it triangular but with rounded edges. Not too pointy (devil like), not too long (witch like), not too narrow, not too wide, not turned down (hooked), not turned up (piggy).
  • Lips: People go crazy for full lips. Women get injections to make their lips fuller. Full lips are called kissable lips. Light skin women with full lips are complemented on their full lips. Black people are often not complemented on their full lips (double standards and racism at work), instead racist caricatures have been drawn of their lips to exaggerate their fullness (double standards and racism). 
Angela Davis
Angela Davis


  • orderly
  • Many people adore curly hair. People who have it often call it ‘unmanageable’ – see Tall & Curly.
  • Many people love thick straight hair. However, people who have it often call it boring, or even ‘straw like’ and force it to get curly with curling irons or perms. Falling down hair grows out of the scalp and immediately falls toward earth. The falling down hair likes to be tossed and it likes to fly in the wind.
  • Many people admire tall hair. African hair can grow the tallest. Tall African hair was popular in the 60’s and 70’s in the U.S. during the Black is Beautiful and Black Power movements. See Angela Davis. Some people who have tall hair often want to have straight hair that falls down and they often straighten it with products to make it fall down; sometimes they use weave synthetic hair or natural hair (often Asian hair) into their hair so that the hair falls down.

Skin color

  • Dark skin people seem to prefer golden brown or light skin on others. In some Black skin countries, albino flesh is eaten. To prevent this, albinos are segregated into their own schools. One theory says that albinos migrated from Africa because they were shunned for their skin that would burn, blister and catch cancer.
  • Golden Brown skin people often prefer lighter, or darker skin on others. Golden people often avoid the sun in order to avoid skin blemishes, age spots and sometimes, to not become darker.
  • Light skin people are often ok with having light skin until it burns, freckles, or gets cancer. Light skin people have a preference for people with golden brown to dark skin – though they will often not admit it due to the potential for xenophobic or racist opinions. Many women prefer to have light skin because they conflate it with feminine.

Eye color

  • Two tone eyes – rare and captivating. National Geographic loves peoplewithtwo tone eyes
  • In-between colors – rare and striking
  • Green – rare, about 2% of world’s population
  • Hazel – 5-8% of world’s population green with brown flecks
  • Amber – 5% of world’s population
  • Brown – 55% of world’s population. Brown eyed people are seen as trustworthy and smart. They are loved by people with colored eyes.
  • Grey tones – mysterious
  • Blue – 8% of world’s population. Loved by brown eyed people, but often looked on with suspicion due to both Malcom X’s talk of blue-eyed devils, and Hitler’s propaganda about a blue-eyed,blond haired Aryan master race.
Claudia Lynx
Claudia Lynx

Eye shape

  • Size
    • Bigger is usually considered more attractive.
    • Larger eyes are perceived as youthful.
  • Shape
    • Almond shape seems to be the most admired. Persian.
    • Round looks cute on children but as adults not so much
    • Epicanthic fold eyes often receive the cosmetic surgery to add the double eyelid feature found in non-Asian eyes
  • Depth
    • Surface – Asian, African
    • Medium depth – Middle Eastern, Persian
    • Sunken – Caucasian
  • Tilt
    • Level – African, Middle Eastern, Persian
    • Tilt up at outer edges – Asian
    • Tilt up at inner edges – English
  • Spacing
    • Narrow set
    • Middle set
    • Wide set

Extra Medium

If a person is extra medium they will likely fit into the roles and expectations of most, and they will likely be attractive to the most people.

Extra medium is when you are right in the middle between all extremes.

But if everyone was extra medium, life would be extra boring.

Extra Medium
Extra Medium

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