Will Smith / Chris Rock – Your In Groups vs. Your Out Groups

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock

Comedians sided with Chris Rock and said that Mr. Smith should have never done that. Comedians want full freedom of speech to test their jokes. The audience votes with their dollar by purchasing tickets to their comedy shows – or not.

Actors and Black women tended to side with Will Smith – at least at first.

This is another example showing how humans often don’t side with who’s right or wrong, but who will be in our In Group verses who will be in our Out Group.

In the same month, the Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson was voted in as the first Black Supreme Court Justice.

It was illuminating to see Republicans admit that she is qualified and they still voted no for her. More proof that the power of In Groups vs. Out Groups is strong.

When we have family or friends that give us the warm welcome vs. the cold shoulder, it’s not always about us, but can be about who they want in their In Group vs who they want in their Out Group.

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