Founder of Mixed American Life – Glenn Robinson – Interviewed on Mixed Race Radio

See on – Mixed American Life Wednesday, 2012-10-24, 16:00Z (12:00 EDT, 09:00 PDT, 17:00 BST)   Celebration and Promotion of Pluralism   We curate and share photos, articles and videos on the topics of mixed culture, mixed heritage and…

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Arab-Americans Tell Census, ‘We’re Not White’ – COLORLINES

Some Arab-Americans and Hispanics challenge the nation’s decennial count


“The census should also ask if people feel discriminated against, in what way and how frequently. That’s what these check boxes are for. So that employers can hire a representative cross section of the community and prove that their hiring is not discriminatory.”

– – Glenn Robinson

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When the oppressed turn into oppressors: Parenting & internalised racism

Article by Guilaine Kinouani   Excerpts selected by Glenn Robinson The privilege of being lighter skinned I am a lighter skinned Black woman. I am light enough to benefit from shadism but dark enough to still be accepted as Black. A…

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Does beauty trump race?

Author: Glenn Robinson Does beauty trump race?  Or does it depend?  Is there more favor for beautiful people in general – regardless of race? Is there more discrimination against ugly people – regardless of race? Do we talk about discrimination…

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