A conversation on what it means to be mixed race

The last Census report taken in 2010 showed that the population identifying themselves as multi-racial grew by 32% over the census in 2000.

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My friend and LEADING intellectual on Mixed Race and social justice Sharon H Chang has made it to TV!


In this short video she provides a solid foundation on the topic that will enable us to jump start the conversation and find the courage to speak about what so long has been kept out of the spotlight.


At the end of the video you will see the power of a good question. The simplest questions can steer us to the light.


Kudos Sharon!

San Francisco State investigates confrontation over white student’s dreadlocks

From Yahoo News: San Francisco State University is investigating an on-campus incident in which a black woman confronted a white man for wearing dreadlocks.

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Help me understand this.


What I thought I understood was that making fun of a culture is what’s clearly wrong. In other words, dressing up as another culture for a laugh or for Halloween.


If a person wears their hair any given way, mohawk, dreadlocs, up, down, permed, or straightened – that seems like a fair choice in today’s multiculture and mixed world.


If we start to police dreadlocs, where do we stop?


Couldn’t we then also debate suntan lotion, colored contacts, and every piece of clothing.

What Is Critical Race Theory?



Khiara Bridges Photograph courtesy of Khiara Bridges


“Using an example from case law, involving a Native American couple charged with negligent homicide of their baby, she asked her audience how race and level of education should bear on the outcome of the case. Should the impoverished couple, neither of whom had a high-school education, have known that the baby’s swollen tooth could create an infection and result in death? What if they didn’t have money to go to the doctor, or they had a reasonable fear, as Native Americans did at the time, that the state would take their baby away if they sought medical care? What are the costs and benefits of considering a defendant’s race and class? What does it mean to create a “reasonable person” standard in the law? Who defines “reasonable,” and what kinds of people might be excluded as a result?

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Your story matters: Josefina Lopez at TEDxBoyleHeights 2014

Josefina fervently believes that to WRITE is how we become visible.

Tell your own story, be the protagonist of your life, otherwise, you will be invisible. Words matter, the pages you will write them in will take your pain away and elevate your presence!

Her Story and His story matter.

Josefina is an award winning playwright and screenwriter, independent film producer, and community theatre founder. Josefina has won several awards including a Gabriel García Márquez award from Mayor of Los Angeles in 2003. After having over 100 productions of her plays throughout the United States, Josefina López is one of today’s preeminent Chicana writers.

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The author of “Real Women Have Curves” grew up undocumented. Here is her story. 

Multiracial Asian Families: [VIDEO] Raising Mixed Race @ Kinokuniya Seattle

by Sharon H. Chang

On Saturday afternoon, March 5, 2016 we held the first unbelievable Raising Mixed Race book signing at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Seattle’s International District. I say “we” because I was very intentional in organizing the event. I wanted it to be not just about me – but about community and centering, uplifting all mixed race, people and women of color voices; a transformative goal that actually lies at the center of Raising Mixed Race itself.


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Jinn- A Narrative Film About Identity, Islam & First Love

Nijla Baseema Mu’min is raising funds for Jinn- A Narrative Film About Identity, Islam & First Love on Kickstarter!

A shape-shifting, pepperoni- loving, black teenage instagram celebrity converts to Islam. Here’s what happens.

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‘Blaxicans’ photos explore multicultural nexus

“Duality: Blaxicans in LA” explores multiracial identity among the Los Angeles’ two largest minority groups: African-Americans and Mexican-Americans.

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SURVEY: U.S. Afro-Latinos More Likely to Identify as White Than Black

The Pew Research Center survey also revealed that a quarter of Afro-Latinos report their race as “Hispanic.”

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