Mixed Race Radio- A Breakdown & Discussion of Upcoming Events with Our Very Own, Steve Riley

Mixed race radio tiffany rae“On Wednesday’s episode of Mixed Race Radio, Steve Riley (mixedracestudies. org) will join me to discuss some upcoming events and performances occurring all over the world. Whether you are in Chicago, Los Angeles, or Philadelphia, PA, there are things to do, places to go and people to meet.

If you are hosting an event or need someone to “go-with”, join us and share, share, share.

We’ve got updates from Laura Kina, Lisa Jones (Topaz Club), and Steve Riley. Oh yeah……If you reside in the Republic of Georgia, we’ll let you know where to go to get a mulatto spray tan….Yes, I said it!!!

You see we have a lot to discuss so please feel free to join us by dialing in or joining our chat room.

And don’t forget to tell a friend.

Also, we want to use this time to say “Thank You” to everyone who continues to follow us. You may have noticed that our site is missing a few episodes from the past few weeks. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve been broadcasting live from Northeastern Ohio since early January and Mother Nature continues to express her authority over all things by sending -35 degree temps and record snowfalls our way. Needless to say, when pipes burst, fire alarms begin to sound and therefore radio shows cannot be recorded. So, thank you for your continued support.

As long as Mother Nature allows, we will continue to bring you episodes that showcase some amazing people and even more amazing movements.”


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Counting People of Color | Damali Ayo

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“I went through a phase where anytime I was in a crowd, I counted the number of people of color– out loud so whomever I was with could hear me. Eventually my friends started doing the same thing. Then they started noticing the dearth of people of color in situation after situation, then in their own lives, and then…they realized they had to change that.” -Damali
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20 Suprising Multi-Racial Celebs | StyleBlazer

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Here are 20 celebrities who are multi-ethnic. You may be surprised to learn of their backgrounds.

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Black And Jewish in the U.S.A. | Signed Shona

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My first blog post about being a black Jew in the US…

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Profoundly Moved: Candice’s Artistic Journey: Discovering the Sari

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“At the show people told me that I looked like a piece of art work and that the cloth I wore was the most beautiful they had ever seen. In fact, I was hugged more there by people than I had been in years. It was as if they were thanking me for wearing a sari. For three days I was lucky enough to don a sari, but on the last day, I wore Western clothes and what a world of difference that made! Conversations that had been respectful, enlightening and even surreal, degraded to school-boy banter about breasts. People even evinced surprise that I was a sculptor; I was no longer the worthy creator of my own work! I felt naked. I felt dethroned.” -Candice Raquel Lee

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Is Obama Now Black (Enough) Because He’s White?

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“President Obama embodies and embraces tough questions about race like few others. His ever-evolving racial identity questions the construction of the color line.

Wouldn’t it be real progress to admit that an increasing number of people who identify with monoracial identities like black and white might also be mixed?”

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Twitter / EthnicBlend: EBC crew, catch one of our crew…

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“EBC crew, catch one of our crew members in your city spreading multicultural luv! ‪#ethnicblend‬ ‪#diversity‬”

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