“Me+You” & “Being Biracial”: Anna Bowen Explores Identity & Relationships

On Today’s episode of Mixed Race Radio, we will meet Anna Bowen, a biracial actor, singer, and writer who has worked professionally for the past fifteen years.

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Susan Straight on the lessons of the mixed-race novel

The novelist Susan Straight is uniquely positioned to write about being mixed race in America, even though she’s not mixed race herself. She had three children with her former husband, who is black.

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(1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race: A Review and Reflection

Yaba Blay’s (1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race (2014) is a beautiful, first-hand look at the true complexities surrounding the ways in which societies and peoples racialize one another and the w…

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Review: American Son: A Novel

American Son: A Novel is a story about a lot of things: growing up in an “inner city”, establishing an identity, and masculinity. It confronts the issue of a Filipino family whose members are trying to create their own path toward an American dream. For some that means bull dogs and gangsters (the older brother), for others that means hard work (the mother).

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Review: The United States of the United Races: A Utopian History of Racial Mixing

In summary, this book does an excellent job at getting readers to revisit their own perceptions of race, whether they consider themselves mixed race or not. The categorization and labels that we use to describe us have a confusing and sometimes bright,sometimes painful history that we need to share in order to have a brighter future. You will need your “thinking cap” on because the book uses college-level vocabulary and historical anecdotes, but your mind will be blown away by the complexity behind even the simplest answers involving identity, love, and society.

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Mixed Race Studies » Scholarly Perspectives on Mixed-Race » Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance

In a vibrant blend of social history and biography, award-winning writer Carla Kaplan offers a joint portrait of six iconoclastic women who risked ostracism to follow their inclinations—and raised hot-button issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality in the bargain. Returning Miss Anne to her rightful place in the interracial history of the Harlem Renaissance, Kaplan’s formidable work remaps the landscape of the 1920s, alters our perception of this historical moment, and brings Miss Anne to vivid life.

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‘My grandfather would have shot me’ | Culture | DW.DE | 26.09.2013

Jennifer Teege grew up in a foster family. Only at age 38 did she discover her biological family’s shocking history. Her grandfather was a sadistic Nazi criminal. Teege deals with the revelations in her new book.

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Mixed Race Studies » Scholarly Perspectives on Mixed-Race » Multiple Social Categorization: Processes, Models and Applications

Social categorization, how we classify ourselves and others, exerts a profound influence on our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. In this volume, Richard Crisp and Miles Hewstone bring together a selection of leading figures in the social sciences to focus on a rapidly emerging, but critically important, new question: how, when, and why do people classify others along multiple dimensions of social categorization? The volume also explores what this means for social behavior, and what implications multiple and complex perceptions of category membership might have for reducing prejudice, discrimination, and social exclusion.

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Mixed Race Studies » Scholarly Perspectives on Mixed-Race » Las Tejanas: 300 Years of History

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