Eartha Kitt’s daughter, Kitt Shapiro, on growing up multiracial with an internationally famous multiracial mother and on maintaining her mother’s legacy, Ep. 45 from Multiracial Family Man

Listen to Multiracial Family Man episodes free, on demand. Ep. 45: Kitt Shapiro is the daughter of late international star Eartha Kitt, who passed away from colon cancer in 2008. She is the founder and creator of the Simply Eartha™ lifestyle brand ( and served as president of Eartha Kitt Productions for more than 20 years. Her work with her mother was highlighted by her own Grammy nomination as executive producer of Eartha Kitt’s CD, “Back in Business.” Shapiro attended Barnard College/Columbia University before beginning a successful modeling career. She studied interior design and worked in the fashion industry before taking on the responsibilities of running her mother’s company. Shapiro has dedicated herself to sharing her mother’s story and bringing attention to the importance of colon cancer screening and early detection, and, toward that end, she serves as a Board Member for the Colon Cancer Alliance (
Listen as Kitt speaks with Alex about living and traveling with her mother, about growing up as a multiracial person with a multiracial mom and about her maintaining her mother’s legacy through her lifestyle brand, Simply Eartha, and through her work withe Colon Cancer Alliance.
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Fresh Off the Boat – Review by Jefe

A guest post by Jefe:

“Fresh Off the Boat”
 (2015– ) is a US television sitcom that features an Asian American main cast, the first since “All American Girl” (1994) starring Margaret Cho. It is pretty much “The Wonder Years” with Asian faces. Critics have largely praised the show.

It is inspired by a book, “Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir” (2013) by Eddie Huang,  a Taiwanese American lawyer and restauranteur.

 Eddie Huang’s family moves from Washington, DC’s Chinatown to suburban Orlando, Florida in the mid 1990s to run a steakhouse. The family struggles with assimilation in their new environment while Eddie finds solace in hip hop.


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One Drop of Love – a performance by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni | Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations

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Is Beyonce Black, White, Mixed Race, African American? Her Biracial Ethnicity Nationality Heritage

BEYONCE IS OF MIXED ETHNICITY. Her father is of African American heritage, while her mother is a Louisiana Créole. Learn more about her biracial mix.

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Black Friend Connect

Black Friend Connect
Black Friend Connect

Apparently “Black Friend Connect” is a real business started by African American Harvard graduate Jerome Smith. He is interviewed in the video below.

He describes it as an entertainment website where they hire Black actors to play the role of friend to white people. I’m not sure if they offer the service to non-white people, which would surely be a racist business model #smdh and not lol :/

At first I was sure this was a joke, and tears were in my eyes as I tried to stop from laughing hysterically while at work. The more I looked at the site the more legit it looked. After listening to the interview below, I guess it’s really a real business.

The founder explains that they do background checks on both the actors and on the people seeking friends.

Now listen, instead of laughing, just the idea that this is a real business should give us a reason to cry in despair due to the segregation and xenophobia that are both still rampant in the U.S.

When you listen to the interview below, you are gonna trip.  You will fall out laughing at some parts, and you will be questioning  how can the U.S. still be so segregated in 2013.

Vanessa Williams DNA Test Showed Genes From Across the World

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“My DNA breaks down as follows:


23% from Ghana,

17% from the British Isles,

15% from Cameroon,

12% Finnish,

11% Southern European,

7% Togo,

6% Benin,

5% Senegal and

4% Portuguese.”

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July Flashback: Roshon Fegan (Filipino/African American) [American]

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Known as: Actor, singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer, producer

TV: “Shake It Up”, “Dancing With The Stars”, “Disney 365″, “Camp Rock”

Movies: “Baby”, “Drillbit Taylor”, “Spider-Man 2″

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Almost White Online Radio by Rick Najera

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Political and cultural talk from the heart with a comic bent. ALMOST WHITE puts the “know” in LATINO.

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