Think Mexican • Remembering the Chicano Moratorium

On August 29, 1970, a “Chicano Moratorium” against the war in Vietnam was held in East L.A.

Loyola-Marymount film student Tom Myrdahl shot this documentary, capturing the events that unfolded as law enforcement and protesters clashed in and around Laguna Park. This film has not been seen in nearly 40 years.

Tom, who is still a working cameraman in Los Angeles, is putting this historic film on the web as a tribute to the brave citizens of East L.A. who came together 40 years ago to voice their dissent against the Vietnam War.

Community Village‘s insight:

In the video:

  • Bronze people with a Bronze culture”
  • “We’re not against the black people or the white people. We’re against oppression.”

Note: The Beret has been used as a symbol of fighting oppression going back to

The black beret as a revolutionary symbol -Wikipedia

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HB 2281: Arizona’s law to ban ethnic studies | Abagond

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HB 2281 (2010- ), also known as A.R.S. §15–112, is a law in the American state of Arizona that bans ethnic studies

“Extremely important fact: Half of Latinos drop out of high school.

Closing the achievement gap: John Pedicone, the head of the Tucson school district, said that Latino students in MAS scored higher on state tests, were twice as likely to graduate high school and three times more likely to go to university.

MAS teaches history through a Chicano lens. Instead of going back to the Greeks like Eurocentric history, it goes back to the Mayans. Chicanos (Mexican Americans) did not come from England on the Mayflower: their roots in North America and even in Arizona go back thousands of years. White American rule is just the latest chapter, not The Natural Order of the Universe.”

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