The Big Sick – Movie Review


About a Pakistani-American who only dates White women, but fails to tell his parents and keeps wasting his parent’s time and wasting the time of all the Pakistani-American women who visit in an attempt for an arranged marriage. Based on a true story.

Best line in the movie said to the Pakistani parents:

“Why did you move us to America if you didn’t want me to be American.”

Issues with the movie

Seems to support the doctrine of White supremacy because Kumail Nanjiani only dates White women in the movie, even if the Pakistani-American women are better looking. Nanjiani doesn’t give the Pakistani-American women a chance, not even a date.


Ep. 23 – Susan Graham of Project RACE

On Episode 23 of The Multiracial Family Man Podcast, host Alex Barnett (the White, Jewish husband of a Black woman who converted to Judaism and the father of a 3 year-old, Biracial son) is joined by guest, Susan Graham, the founder of Project RACE (
Listen as Susan talks about her youth in Detroit, her interracial marriage, and raising biracial, Jewish children.  Susan then discusses how her experience of being forced to “check a box” on census forms led her to create Project RACE, which advocates for multiracial families and is leading the charge for identifying marrow donors for those who are multiracial.
For more on host, Alex Barnett, please check out his website: or visit him on Facebook ( or on Twitter at @barnettcomic

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Multiracial Family Man Ep. 20 – Santana Dempsey, guest

On Episode 20 of The Multiracial Family Man Podcast, host Alex Barnett (the White, Jewish husband of a Black woman who converted to Judaism and the father of a 3 year-old, Biracial son) is joined by guest, adoption and mixed race advocate, actress Santana Dempsey ( ).
A University of Missouri alumnus, Santana is a veteran of New York City’s Primary Stages, INTAR, Soho Rep, Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre and Carnegie Hall. She also wrote and starred in the critically

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Santana is so honest, smart and passionate. She’s a dynamo with amazing stories to tell and the skills to do it with flying colors.


And Alex is a great interviewer. He asks all the questions you want to ask and even some you haven’t thought to ask. He’s as good as Terry Gross and I love Terry Gross.

And So the Search Begins: What’s the Trouble? Part 2

By Michel Beller

(Above:   My beautiful parents on their wedding day, 1958: another black-white marriage, 150 years later, when it was still illegal to “miscegenate” in 16 states)


I chose, as the title for this book, The Trouble with Virginia, because it fits so perfectly. Virginia is my great-great grandmother’s name.  She was born in Virginia. Of a white father and a black mother living openly as husband and wife in the South, in 1830. Plenty of trouble there–need I say more? Imagine navigating a world, a society, a culture such as what mixed-race Virginia (and others like her) must have encountered.


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oh happy (loving) day

I love surprising intersections of the things I love the most.  Such as Volkswagen and Loving Day.  I’m not sure if I am more passionate about any other subjects.  That may be an exaggeration, but anyway I am super into VW as well as the progression of our society toward a more loving, open way of living.  Without Loving v. Virginia it is likely that there would be no me nor so many others. This is inspiring and undeniable progress for which I am grateful.


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The VW video 😀

George Clooney Gushes About Amal Alamuddin During 2015 Golden Globes Speech: “I Couldn’t Be More Proud to Be Your Husband”

George Clooney gushed about his new wife Amal Alamuddin during his Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech at the 2015 Golden Globes — watch the video


Black and Blue and Blond

Byron Kim, Synecdoche, 1991. Oil and wax on luan, birch plywood, and plywood, 120 1/4’’ x 350 1/4’’ (© Byron Kim. Courtesy of the National Gallery of Art/Richard S. Zeisler Fund)

Where does race fit in the construction of modern identity?

By Thomas Chatterton Williams

The first time I lived in France, some twelve years ago to teach English in a depressed and depressing industrial town along the northern border with Belgium, I often went to kebab shops late at night in which I would sometimes be greeted in Arabic. Once the young Algerian behind the counter simply demanded of me, “Parle arabe! Parle arabe!” and all I could do was stare at him blankly. “But why did your parents not teach you to speak Arabic!” he implored me, first in a French I hardly followed and then in an exasperated and broken English.

“Because I’m American,” I finally replied.

“Yes, but even in America,” he pressed on, “why did they not teach you your language?”

“Because I’m not an Arab,” I laughed uncomprehendingly, and for several beats he just looked at me.

“But your origins, what are your origins?”

“Black,” I shrugged, and I can still see the look of supreme disbelief unspool on that man’s face. “But you are not black,” he nearly screamed. “Michael Jordan is black!

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Worth every minute of the 25 minutes to read.

He Put A Ring On It: Transgender Rights Activist Janet Mock Gets Engaged!

Author and transgender rights activist Janet Mock (pictured) announced her engagement to longtime beau and New York photographer, Aaron Tredwell (pictured).  Mock showed off her sparkler and answered her betrothed’s question on her Twitter and Instagram sites by simply stating, “I said “YES!”


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Congratulations to them!!



~ The Many Shades of Love ~: Interviewed by a Student in Australia… :)


I recently had a very unique interview….
Eugenia Massaquoi, a 12th year student from Nazareth Catholic College in Adelaide South Australia contacted me and asked if she could interview me for her English project regarding the topic of, “What are some of the reasons why people are attracted to different races?” What a special interview it was…
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