Ron – Black, Cuban, Mexican and Switched at Birth as Chinese!

“As a sort of irony, I was born a Chinese baby. Baby Boy Wong”

Our friend Ron Lyles shares how he was mislabeled as a Chinese baby at birth, how his family’s former slave-owners found him, and the importance of including ‘culture’ in dialogues about race.

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Hey, Baby Girl! Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Reportedly Welcome First Child

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling is a dad.

The actor welcomed a baby girl with longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes on Sept. 12, multiple sources confirmed to Us Weekly. People also confirmed the news.

The Huffington Post has reached out to the couple’s reps …


Karlee Perez (aka Maxine) (Spanish, Cuban, Italian, Chinese, Hawaiian) [American]

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Known as: Professional Model & Former Professional Wrestler and Valet (Was known in the WWE as “Maxine”)

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Bella Thorne (Italian, Cuban, Irish) [American]

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Known as: Actress, Dancer, Singer & Model

TV: “Shake It Up!”, “My Own Worst Enemy”, “Little Monk”, “Dirty Sexy Money”, “Big Love”

Movies: “Raspberry Magic”, “Forget Me Not”, “Craw Lake”, “The Seer”
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Andrea Stuart | A Barbados Family Tree With ‘Sugar In The Blood’ | NPR interview

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In her new book, Andrea Stuart explores the intersection of sugar, slavery, settlement, migration and survival in the Americas.

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Culture In The Underground

bbPeople from the Underground are not only socially conscious…we are also some of the most cultured and well-rounded people around.  A couple of weeks ago I talked about the beauty of “mixing colors”.  Well there is another beautiful aspect to mixing….music.  People have been mixing musical types and styles since the beginning.  In more recent history, musical combinations like Rap and Rock-n-Roll (Aerosmith/Run D.M.C.), or popular standards and blues rock (Tony Bennett/John Mayer) have made the headlines.  Other, lesser-known combinations of music such as Afro-Cuban Jazz have strong followings that have sustained the genre through the years and has thrived because of the musical combinations that come forth.  Brian Andres and the San Francisco-based Afro Cuban Jazz Cartel is one group that continues to uphold the standards of Afro-Cuban Jazz…mixing musical colors.  They show us how beautiful music can be when styles are mixed.  Take a break from the Fiscal Cliff and forget about higher taxes for a few minutes.  Estampa Cubana!

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Kymmi Taylor (Afro Cuban/Jamaican/Jewish/Indian) [Costa Rican]

Kymmi Taylor
Costa Rican and very proud to be mixed with Afro Cuban / Jamaican / Jewish / Indian

Matt Cedeño (Afro-Cuban/Irish-English) [American]

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Known as: TV & Film Actor & Former Fashion Model

TV: Brandon Walker on “Days of Our Lives”, “Romancing the Bride”, “The Mentalist”, “Desperate Housewives”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “Psych”

Movies: “The Suburbans”, “Price of Glory”, “Are You a Serial Killer”, “Hot Tamale”

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Wifredo Lam (Chinese, Congolese, Spanish) [Cuban]

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Known as: Famous painter, draughtsman and sculptor (Contemporary of Picasso, Matisse & Kahlo)

Works: The Jungle, Mother and Child, Satan, Moths and Candles

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Carly Simon (French, African-American, Cuban, Jewish) [American]

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Carly Simon (French, African-American, Cuban, Jewish) [American]


Known as: Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe winning singer-songwriter, musician, and children’s author (Singles: “You’re So Vain”, “Mockingbird”, “Haven’t Got Time For The Pain”, “Nobody Does It Better”, “You Belong To Me”; Albums: “No Secrets”, “Hotcakes”, “Boys in Trees”, “Coming Around Again”, “Anticipation”; Music: Member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Grammy Hall of Fame for “You’re So Vain”; Movies: Best Song Oscar for “Let the River Run” from “Working Girl”)

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