‘Rising Voices’ Chronicles Effort to Save Lakota Language

Florentine Films/Hott Productions, in association with The Language Conservancy, presents a new documentary project: Rising Voices/Hótȟaŋiŋpi. Five years in the making, this multi-platform project tells the story of Lakota Language Revitalization.

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Flow of Central American Children Headed to U.S. Shifts but Doesn’t Slow [Mini Video Documentary]

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors fleeing violence and poverty are still making a dangerous journey north, though many are now being stopped in Mexico.

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Mixed Nation: We Are One Tour & Documentary

We will travel across country in search of beautifully blended stories while spreading our positive, multicultural movement!

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I met the founder at Mixed Remixed this year. He’s a stand up guy. Please support him and his project.

Shadeism [VIDEO]

“This short TV documentary is an introduction to the issue of shadeism, the discrimination that exists between the lighter-skinned and darker-skinned members of the same community. This documentary short looks specifically at how it affects young womyn within the African, Caribbean, and South Asian diasporas. Through the eyes and words of 5 young womyn and 1 little girl – all females of colour – the film takes us into the thoughts and experiences of each. Overall, ‘Shadeism’ explores where shadeism comes from, how it directly affects us as womyn of colour, and ultimately, begins to explore how we can move forward through dialogue and discussion.” -unique5589


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Shadeism website


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The Hand That Feeds Theatrical Trailer

Shy sandwich-maker Mahoma López sets out to end abusive conditions at a popular New York restaurant chain. The epic power struggle that ensues turns a single city block into a battlefield in America’s new wage wars.


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Fashion model’s unlikely path to fame – CNN Video

You may not know her name, but chances are you have seen Ubah Hassan in commercials for Macy’s or Ralph Lauren. This short film takes you into the world of this up-and-coming model, whose life has not always been picture perfect. Directed by Joe Berlinger

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From Somalia to Canada to Macy’s fashion model.


15 year old girl invents flashlight that needs no batteries – Meet Ann Makosinski

Inspired by friends that could not afford electricity, Ann created a battery-free flashlight that generates light from the heat of the human hand.

See more of her videos here

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American Revolutionary: Grace Lee Boggs


Grace Lee Boggs, 99, is a Chinese American philosopher, writer, and activist in Detroit with a thick FBI file and a surprising vision of what an American revolution can be. Rooted for 75 years in the labor, civil rights and Black Power movements, she challenges a new generation to throw off old assumptions, think creatively and redefine revolution for our times.


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