Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez (early 1600s), also known as Jan Rodrigues, was the first non-Native person known to live in what is now metropolitan New York. His trading post of 1613 in Lower Manhattan grew into …

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The Taínos (tah-EE-noes), commonly called the Arawak Indians, were the main people who lived in the Caribbean when Columbus arrived in 1492. They are the ones he called “Indians”, thinking he was i…

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Many Spanish settlers took Taino wives. They brought in African slaves to take the place of dead Taino workers. Today Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are, genetically and culturally, mostly a mix of Spanish, Taino and West African:
  • Puerto Rico: genetically 10% to 15% Taino”

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Lourdes Benedicto (Filipino/Dominican) [American]

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Known as:TV & Film Actress

TV: “NYPD Blue”, “V”, “The Nine”, “Cashmere Mafia”, “Titans”, “24”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “ER”

Movie: “The Fighting Temptations”, “2 Days”, “Drive Me Crazy”, “Unbeatable Harold”.

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Mixed People Monday – Karen Olivo

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“The supporting actress on the just cancelled “Harry’s Law” is also a stage veteran. She has a father who is Puerto Rican and has Native American on his father’s side and her mother is half-Dominican and half-Chinese. Quite the multi-cultural mix.”

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Tristan Wilds (African American, Irish, Dominican)

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Tristan Wilds (African American, Irish, Dominican) [American]


Known as: TV & Film Actor


TV: Dixon Wilson on “90210”, Michael Lee on “The Wire”


Movies: “Red Tails”, “The Secret Life of Bees”, “Half Nelson”


Music Video Cameos: Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys”, Lil Flip’s “Ghetto Mindstate”, Wale’s “Pretty Girls”, Alicia Keys’ “Teenage Love Affair”
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15 Latinas We Love!

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