Facing Race 2012: “Culture Trumps Politics: Or Does It?” [Full Video]

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Moderator: Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center / Colorlines.com http://arc.org

Panelists: José Antonio Vargas, DefineAmerican http://defineamerican.com

Negin Farsad, comedian http://neginfarsad.com

Jeff Chang, writer http://cantstopwontstop.com

Lolis Eric Elie, HBO’s Treme http://loliselie.com


filmed Saturday November 17 in Baltimore, MD at the Facing Race 2012 Conference. http://arc.org/facingrace


“When political times get hard, creative people turn to influencing the way race is lived instead of the way it is legislated. This session will focus on the relationship between cultural and political change, from the perspective of the nation’s leading artists.”

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Loving Day Celebration

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Just a reminder that this upcoming weekend, you can attend Loving Day celebrations all around the US! Check out the list and see if there’s one near you! (Or you can even host a celebration yourself!) 🙂 Find out more about Loving Day!

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Interdisciplinary Conference on Race – Monmouth University

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Interdisciplinary Conference on Race

THEME: Access and Privilege in Higher Education
DATE: Thursday, November 8 – Saturday, November 10, 2012
VENUE: Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ

The primary theme of the third biennial interdisciplinary conference on race at Monmouth University is access and privilege in higher education. Although the main conference theme is specifically related to access and privilege in higher education, we welcome all papers on race in the U.S./global societies from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including history, anthropology, sociology, economics (and labor), education, communication studies, and cultural studies.


White Privilege in U.S. Society
Whiteness in Global Societies
Race, Gender, Class
Gender and Privilege


The History of African American Women in the Ivory Tower
Racism in Higher Education
Women and Family Friendly Issues on the College Campus
Hip Hop in the Classroom
White Male Privilege in Academia
Latina/o Experience and Higher Education
Asian Students and Higher Education
Black Students on Predominantly White Campuses
Access and Privilege in European Institutions of Higher Education
The Mixed Race Category and Diversity Education
Whiteness and U.S. Immigration History
Whiteness and U.S. Labor History
African Americans and the Tenure Process

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What encouraged me to start blogging? | Erica Garbers

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“Growing up I always felt like no one understood me or could to relate to me. I had one friend that I met that was also biracial but I felt that it was still something that separated us. In my opini…”
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The Inner Life of Mestizo Nationalism

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The only recent English-language work on Spanish-American indigenismo from a literary perspective, Estelle Tarica’s work shows how modern Mexican and Andean discourses about the relationship between Indians and non-Indians create a unique literary aesthetic that is instrumental in defining the experience of mestizo nationalism.   Engaging with narratives by Jesús Lara, José María Arguedas, and Rosario Castellanos, among other thinkers, Tarica explores the rhetorical and ideological aspects of interethnic affinity and connection. In her examination, she demonstrates that these connections posed a challenge to existing racial hierarchies in Spanish America by celebrating a new kind of national self at the same time that they contributed to new forms of subjection and discrimination.
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Critical Mixed Race Studies

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“Critical Mixed Races Studies” means critiquing the concepts of mixed race.   Click to read more
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CONFERENCE: U.S. Association for Commonwealth Literature & Language Studies, 19-22 April, 2012, Santa Clara, CA

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“We invite paper abstracts and complete panels, workshops, and roundtable proposals on all aspects of the multi-ethnic literatures of the United States and elsewhere. We are particularly interested in proposals that explore globalization in terms of its influence on ethnic canons, and vice versa, and encourage presentations on all global frameworks of analysis, such as Atlantic studies, global feminisms, pan-Africanism, postcolonialism, transnationalism, global indigenous studies, etc. ”
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