Xicana Nican Tlaca Rising


I come from Texas. I am indigenous. I am Xicana. I am Nican Tlaca. We might not remember her indian names any more but Texas was and is holy land.



The version of American “history” that is socially programmed is one of the most powerful tools of colonialism that persists today. Labels like “immigrant” to describe indigenous peoples across Cemanahuac (the “Americas”) are a great example of the great wasichu crime against our humanity and connection to the earth.


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Source: xicanachronicles.com

The term “Hispanic”

“Hispanic” (1580s) generally means someone or something from a Spanish-speaking country.

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Source: abagond.wordpress.com

Abagond’s article leaves out a couple important related facts.
1. Most Hispanic/Latinos have Amerindian heritage.
2. There are some who reject both the term Hispanic and Latino because both terms gloss over / ignore the fact that most Hispanic/Latinos have an indigenous link to the Americas.

This is important because sovereignty, freedom of movement, and (im)migrant rights.

One term used by those who reject both Hispanic and Latino is Nican Tlaca – which is the Nahuatl (Mexica) language way of saying “We the people here”.