Crystal Chan – Chinese, Polish


My dad is from Hong Kong and my mom is Polish-American (from northern Wisconsin), and I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin in the 80′s. We were the only mixed-race family I knew, possibly the only one in town, and my family never talked about race. That made things hard. When the kids at school were pulling their eyes slanty and going “Ching-chong-wing-wong!” my parents told me it was the cruelty of kids, not racism.


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June Flashback: Karen (Korean/Polish) [American]

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Known as: Singer (Frontwoman/Vocalist for the band “Yeah Yeah Yeahs”; also performs under the band name “Karen O & the Kids”)

Songs/Videos: Maps, Heads Will Roll, Zero

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Lisa Ray (Indian/Polish) [Canadian]

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Known as: Actress, Model, Host, Philanthropist and Social Activist (Modeled for/in Elle India, M, Harper’s Bazaar, Time India, People India, Vogue India, City Life, More Magazine)

Movies: “Water”, “Bollywood/Hollywood”, “Cooking With Stella”, “Kasoor”, “Patch Town”, “Killer Killer Faster Faster”, “All Hat”, “A Stone’s Throw”, “The World Unseen”, “I Can’t Think Straight”

TV: “Top Chef Canada”, “Endgame”, “Oh My Gold”, “The Hour”, “Psych”, “The Summit”, “Murdoch Mysteries”, “Blood Ties”

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Kat Graham – Daily Multiracial

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(Liberian/Russian-Polish Jewish) [American]   Known as: Actress, singer-songwriter, dancer and model   TV: “The Vampire Diaries”, “Hannah Montana”   Film: “17 Again”, “The Parent Trap”, “The Roommate”   Music Videos: Sassy, I Want It All, Cold Hearted Snake,

Anna Tsuchiya – Daily Multiracial

(Japanese/Polish-Irish) [Japanese]
Known as: Popular Japanese pop singer, actress, model (Movie: “Kamikaze Girls”, Music: “Rose” and “Kuroi Namida”, opening themes of the NANA anime)