Susannah Heschel | Jonathan Kozol | Smiley & West

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Education activist Jonathan Kozol, previews the January 17th event Vision for a New America: A Future Without Poverty.

Dartmouth professor Susannah Heschel reflects on the legacy of her father, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

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In The Mix: Conversations With Artists…Between Races

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“In The Mix: Conversations with Artists…Between Races” by Dmae Roberts is a radio exploration of Mixed Race.


Through the voices of artists who have dedicated their lives to building bridges and bringing to light interracial issues and themes, Roberts takes us on a journey to understanding what means to be of Mixed Race.


This is an NPR-news friendly 54 minute one-time special.


Produced by award-winning producer Dmae Roberts of MediaRites, and distributed by Public Radio International.

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Growing up BLACKXICAN™: This is our kids Reality

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hubs: “and that’s the kind of people black kids are taught to look out for” “that’s why growing up i never went places at night”


me: “serious???” “because you are black you couldn’t do things at night???” “it breaks my heart to know this is our kids reality”


hubs: “yep” “cuz people are crazy” “being black is hard” “as a kid you are labeled as a thief as an adult you are labeled as lazy and dead beat and we all live in the city and never been off our block and only way we go places is through sports or radio contest”



Natasha from Multiracial Sky and More

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“Our first live show of the New Year is this Friday Freestyle! We’ll be discussing some of the top stories on ITYC’s radar for 2012, including the premiere of The Loving Story on HBO, the Mexican government’s new anti-racism campaign and the new documentary Thick Dark Fog about the horrific legacy of Indian boarding schools.
In addition to all that, we have the honor of welcoming Natasha Sky from the blog Multiracial Sky as our special guest for the evening. Natasha is a writer, an artist, an activist and a multiracial mom to four mixed kids. We’ll talk to Natasha about her journey into blogging and get her thoughts on the state of the multicultural blogosphere.”

Brandon Lee – Daily Multiracial

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(Chinese, Swedish, English, German) [American]   Known as: Actor and martial artist (Son of Bruce Lee)   Movies: “The Crow”, “Showdown in Little Tokyo”, “Rapid Fire”, “Laser Mission”   TV: “Kung Fu: The Movie”, “Kung Fu: The Next Generation”