They called me a Chink and spat at me. No one helped

An Irish-Vietnamese girl growing up in Ireland gets used to racial slurs. But being spat on this week was a new low

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James Duval (Vietnamese, French, Irish, Native American) [American]

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Known as: Film Actor

Movies: “Totally Fucked Up”, “The Doom Generation”, “Nowhere”, “Independence Day”, “Donnie Darko”, “May”, “Go”, “Gone in Sixty Seconds”, “Sushi Girl”
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Willy Cartier (Anniversary Month Rewind) (French, Vietnamese, Senegalese) [French]

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Jay’s Note: Willy was your #1 pick of the year here on Tumblr (by faves and by a wide margin)…enjoy! 🙂

Originally Featured: April 1, 2012

(French, Vietnamese, Senegalese) [French]

Known as: Professional Model, Dancer, Actor
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Tyga – Daily Multiracial

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(Vietnamese/Jamaican) [American]   Known as: Rapper Music Videos: Far Away, Cali Love, Rack City