cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is when you take something from another culture over the objections of that culture. It is cultural theft. It is especially common when racists borrow “cool stuff” from cultures whose people they look down on.

It is that thing where if Black people do something
, like twerking or wearing cornrows, it is looked down on as “ghetto” or “hood” or “unprofessional”, but when White people do the very same thing, it is suddenly admired as “cool” or “edgy” or “epic”.


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Thank you Abagond! You have given me the vocabulary I have been looking for! Many people don’t understand the difference between appropriating in a mocking way vs. partaking and assimilating in a respectful way.

Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez (early 1600s), also known as Jan Rodrigues, was the first non-Native person known to live in what is now metropolitan New York. His trading post of 1613 in Lower Manhattan grew into …


New Blacks

New Blacks (by 2014) are those Blacks in the US who think they are beyond race, the post-racial Blacks. They seem to think racism is either pretty much dead or the fault of Black people. Singer Pha…


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), she of the unibrow, is a Mexican painter best known for her unforgettable self-portraits. She was the wife of Diego Rivera, another famous Mexican artist. European painters…


Notes towards a Chicano history of the US


Schools in the US teach a White or Anglo American history of the country. Because of White guilt it is full of lies, half-truths and stuff left out. There is much to learn and unlearn:


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Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month 2014



















Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month 2014! In the US it runs from September 15th to October 15th. Thanks to everyone who suggested a topic! Based on your suggestions and some ideas of my own, here ar…


DNA ancestry tests and Black Americans

Note: I already did a post on DNA ancestry tests. This one looks at them as applied to Blacks in the US. Unlike other Americans, Blacks had their ethnic identity and history taken from them. Even N…


Is race biologically real?

Is race biologically real? Or is it just a social construct?
In 1912 most Western scientists would have said yes, race is real, a fact of nature. They took it for granted as “obvious”. But in 2012 most geneticists and biological anthropologists would have answered no.
What seems to have changed their minds:
    1. The Holocaust made “race” seem like a dangerous idea now that white people were getting killed. Many scientists began to question it.
    2. Advances in genetics made race seem arbitrary, subjective and, at best, skin deep. It did not match what genes did.
    3. The rise of colour-blind racism in the US, which seeks to address the issue of race by – not seeing it!
    4. Out of Africa – once it became clear that humans came from Africa, not Europe or North Eurasia, scientists did not trade their white supremacism for black supremacism. Instead it was: “Race does not matter!”
Community Village‘s insight:
The words ‘haplogroup’ and ‘haplotype’ are the scientific replacements for the word race.
The word ‘cline’ is the poetic replacement for the word race.
The best book I’ve read on this topic is ‘The Nature of Race: How Scientists Think and Teach about Human Difference’ by Ann Morning
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Bhagat Singh Thind


Bhagat Singh Thind(1892-1967), an Indian American spiritual teacher and writer, was denied US citizenship in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923). The Supreme Court ruled, 9 to 0, that while Thind was arguably Caucasian, he was not white.


Community Village‘s insight:

Click through to read the whole article.This story paints the picture of one man’s personal sovereignty, dignity and persistence vs the twisted thinking of U.S. xenophobia. An amazing story that should be made into a movie. @getgln

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American ethnic groups: a brief history: 1492 to 2100

The mix of people who live in what are now the 50 United States (and DC) has changed greatly over the past 500 years and will probably keep on changing till at least 2100. Here are four snapshots (…

I love the graphics and all the work Abagond put into this article.
It will be interesting to see what the Mixed Race numbers look like over time, or if governments will continue to reclassify mixed race people into mono racial groups.

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