Dr. Yaba Blay on Totally Biased

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Dr. Yaba Blay is the author of 1ne Drop – Shifting the Lens on Race

In this interview she explains why she prefers the term Black over African-American.

New Blacks

New Blacks (by 2014) are those Blacks in the US who think they are beyond race, the post-racial Blacks. They seem to think racism is either pretty much dead or the fault of Black people. Singer Pha…

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Is There Anything Wrong With Passing for Black?

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Race Manners: Technically, no, but accepting the benefits of being in a different racial group without having to live with the daily burdens seems a bit unfair.

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Beyond Biracial: When Blackness Is a Small, Nearly Invisible Fraction

In the past, these Americans would have been labeled “quadroons” or “octoroons.” Today their options are so much broader. What can they teach us about race in 2014 and in the future?

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Why I see myself as a daughter of the Diaspora rather than mixed-race

Why this ‘mixed’ girl rejects the ‘mixed-race’ label.
There is nothing like hearing the arguments of members of the multiracial movement and certain ‘mixed-race’ activists to make me want to distance…

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Video: Who is Black in America (Full Show, No Commercials)

Compelling documentary produced by CNN. If you didn’t catch it on TV, you won’t want to miss this! Enjoy! Your friends at iCelebrateDiversity.com

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Stanford historian re-examines practice of racial ‘passing’

Stanford history Professor Allyson Hobbs uncovers stories long kept hidden: those of African Americans who passed as white, from the late 18th century to the present.

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One Drop, but Many Views on Race

A series of portraits and an accompanying book argue that racial identity is not merely biological or genetic, but also a matter of context and even personal choice.

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