Split at the Root

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Catana Tully explores questions of race, adoption and identity, not as the professor of cultural studies that she became, but as the Black child of German settlers in Guatemala who called her their “little Moor.”

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Beyond Biracial: When Blackness Is a Small, Nearly Invisible Fraction

In the past, these Americans would have been labeled “quadroons” or “octoroons.” Today their options are so much broader. What can they teach us about race in 2014 and in the future?

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Mixed Experience History Month: John Punch, first documented slave


“John Punch (mid 1600s)–an African man–served as an indentured servant to a Virginia planter.


Researchers have concluded that he likely fathered a child with a white woman.  That child, John Bunch, was born in 1637.  In 1640, Punch ran away with two other (white) indentured servants.  All three were caught in Maryland.  The two white men were sentenced to an additional four years to their servitude; Punch was sentenced to a lifetime.




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Book Review: ‘Josephine Baker’ explores dancer’s activism, exploits and ‘Tribe’ | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

The African-American woman went from the Paris stage to her vision of multiracial utopia.

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Black and Ivy: My alternate Harvard experience

The writer, who attended Harvard in the late 1980s, identifies with the students protesting against racism, and recalls a campus rife with many different conflicts.

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38 Years Of SNL’s Diversity Problems

“SNL” is looking more colorful now compared to its earliest years, but that doesn’t mean NBC’s beloved sketch comedy show was always all-inclusive.

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