President Barack Obama Delivers Moving Eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Brings Church to Its Feet By Singing “Amazing Grace” (FULL VIDEO)

President Barack Obama continues to lead this country with class and heart, delivering a touching and emotional eulogy for state Senator and Reverend Clementa Pinckney, an unfortunate victim in the tragic shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston last week.  Obama spoke eloquently of the good works and commitment to community Pinckney had, and solemnly acknowledged by name each of the church members who lost their lives with Pinckney.  He then proceeded to talk about the history of the black church and the power of grace.

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Pres. Obama’s Speech Honoring The 50 Year Anniversary Of The Selma March


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“Just in case you missed it, here is President Obama’s full speech that he made today at the 50 year anniversary of the march on Selma.”



Obama Should Talk About Being Biracial

Obama should speak about being biracial during his second term, says David Kaufman.

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The First Family and Their Cell Phones

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“Perhaps the most profound takeaway from my observation is recognizing that this humanizing moment between members of the First Family, and as witnessed by the American public, was enabled by a mobile device. While watching the First Family on their cell phones, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were looking at, who they were texting, what apps were they using to edit photos, and also about the security involved in keeping the First Family and the girls’ data ‘safe and private’. I also thought about how fitting it is that Barack Obama is the first wired president in history of the United States. Since 2008, Obama’s campaign has been credited with successfully using social and mobile media for fundraising and organizing. The Obama administration prides itself on connecting with Americans using Twitter, Reddit, and Google Hangout.”

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President Obama Delivers Morehouse College Commencement Address

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President Obama speaks at the Morehouse College commencement ceremony.

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The Obama Asian American Landslide | ChangeLab

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“I found the interesting statistic to be the Asian American vote. Because the Asian American community doesn’t have the homogeneity, the cohesion that people have talked about. You’re talking about South Asian, Vietnamese and others. The fact that they gave 73% of their vote to the Obama presidency tells you that it really is about policies and not about demographics alone.”

-Wade Henderson


“President Obama is the “first Asian American President” in the same way that President Clinton was the “first Black President.” (Rep. Mike Honda, via US News, Sept. 2012) Between frequently and openly identifying with the Asian and Asian American elements of his family and personal life (born in Hawai’i, the only APIA-majority state; his sister, Maya, is Asian American; he spent time in his childhood living in Indonesia; etc.)…” 

-Kevin Hsu

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President Barack Obama – Election Night Speech 2012 – CSPAN

Comments by: Glenn Robinson

I Luv it. LOVE it!!!

Politicians who win in the end are those who stand for human dignity, respect and freedom.

President Obama identifies more as Black then as mixed. He choose Black when filling out the census. I love that our country tested a president who is culturally Black, for four years and then said YES!!!, we want FOUR MORE YEARS!!! This gives me hope and a renewed respect for our nation.

And that he mentioned Dreamers and Immigration Reform! That’s what this country is build on. We’re a nation of immigrants and that what makes us great!

Barack Obama (Kenyan (Luo), English, Irish, German, Swiss, Scottish, Welsh) [American]

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Known as: 44th President of the United States of America (Former US Senator from Illinois; Former Illinois State Senator)

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The Morality of Migration | SEYLA BENHABIB

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Immigration pits two moral and legal principles, foundational to the modern state system, against each other. How can they be reconciled?

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No More Race – Blog

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Getting beyond race, and accepting that there is no such thing.

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