Mixed-race models ignored by British fashion industry

From triumph in the White House to Olympic and Formula One garlands, via just about every stage and screen, mixed-race people have made massive leaps forward in the past decade: everywhere, it seems, except in British fashion.

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Flora Coquerel: Mixed-Race Miss France Targeted by Racist Slurs

Flora Coquerel, Mixed-Race Miss France Targeted by Racist Slurs, Flora the new Miss France attacked by online spammers through racial slurps and the girl

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New Miss France Celebrates Her Mixed-Race Heritage In The Midst Of Racist Backlash

This weekend, Flora Coquerel beat out 33 other competitors to take home the title of Miss France. However, instead of enjoying her new crown, the 19-year-old student, whose mother is from the West …

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WATCH: ‘You Can Touch My Hair’ Short Film

Remember that time a group of black women stood in the middle of New York City’s Union Square holding signs inviting people to touch their hair? Yup, that really happened.

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Shelley Bridgeman: Are mixed-race people more attractive? – Life & Style – NZ Herald News

If the heavy traffic and 225,000 ‘likes’ generated by the Facebook page ‘Mixed Race Babies’ are any indication, there’s clearly widespread appreciation for babies (and, indeed, children) – New Zealand Herald…

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Miss Native American USA


Since August 25th 2012, it’s been a joyous and momentous occasion in my life to be garnished by a crown and title so admirable. I consider my reign a true blessing from God, as well as a challenge to overcome the negative prospectors. I hope that the road is now paved with respect and awareness for our future Miss Native American, USA title holders. I’m in hopes that as she walks into a room, eyes will continue to grace at not only her beauty, but admiration for her hard work and dedication. I continue to say, this pageant is history in the making. We are here tonight to witness part 2 in this story, as we crown only the second title holder of Miss Native American, USA.
– Shaylin Shabi (Navajo Nation)


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‘Mixed Kids Are Always So Beautiful’

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I don’t want my daughters to believe that it is their white half that makes them attractive, or that they owe anyone an answer to the question “What are you, exactly?”

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